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progressive rock
studio album
10 tracks - TT 48:16
release date: July 6, 2012
progressive rock/metal

On January 28, 2011 it was officially announced that Michael Sadler had returned as the lead vocalist of Saga and that there were plans for the recording of a brand-new studio album. That one was originally expected in the fall of last year, but that was obviously a bit too optimistic. This February drummer Brian Doerner left the band, but the good news is that the new album, called "20/20", is now finally ready for release, through earMUSIC on July 6. Although "The Human Condition", the only Saga studio album which featured Rob Moratti on vocals, wasn't a bad album, it's obvious that Saga wasn't the same band as before. Compare it with Van Halen ft. Gary Cherone instead of David Lee Roth and you'll understand what I mean. Anyway, I've got a promo copy of "20/20" from the band's label in advance and I have to say that it shows the band in top-notch form (once) again. The album title refers to the CD being Saga's 20th, but in addition it's also a good luck wish to Jim Gilmour, who had to undergo an eye operation during the latest European tour (and 20/20 stands for the perfect eyesight). Counting 10 brand-new tracks, that typical Saga sound and feel is here again from start to finish and I'm pretty confident that the many fans of the band will leap for joy with the end result. Although the whole album is a pleasure listening to, for the moment I would prefer the ultra-catchy "Anywhere You Wanna Go" and the wonderful ballad "Lost For Words" as my favourite tracks.
Michael Sadler on his return to the band: "One thing that we agreed on was that, if and when I ever were to return, it would have to feel like it was exactly the right thing to do and exactly the right time to do it!" I can only add that his return to the fold was the right decision. FYI, the album comes as a standard CD and as a special digipak edition, containing the CD plus a bonus DVD featuring footage of the recording sessions. Following the new release, the band will tour in Canada, the US, Europe and South America. Welcome back, Michael!

1. Six Feet Under
2. Anywhere You Wanna Go
3. Ellery
4. Spin It Again
5. Another Day Out Of Sight
6. One Of These Days
7. Ball And Chain
8. Lost For Words
9. Show And Tell
10. Till The Well Runs Dry

Michael Sadler (v)
Ian Crichton (lg)
Jim Crichton (b, k)
Jim Gilmour (k, clr, v)


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