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Canadian prog rock powerhouses, Saga return with their latest album, 'Sagacity' and they are sounding better than ever! Michael Sadler - Vocals, Ian Crichton - Lead Guitar, Jim Crichton - Bass, Keyboards, Jim Gilmour - Keyboards, Clarinet, Vocals and Mike Thorne - Drums, Vocals. Saga still dishing out their signature sound to perfection with a touch of modernity and bringing their music into the 21st Century. As a bonus the band has added a second CD, that includes nine live recordings from an energetic performance at the SWR1 Rockarena festival in 2013. 'Sagacity' is a solid album and a very successful one in sounding both contemporary and commercial while at the same time incorporating elements that make SAGA such a unique musical force. Michael Sadler sounds as good here as he did in the band's early days. After 40-odd years most singers lose much of what made their voices great. Sadler hasn't. Guitarist Ian Crichton shines throughout. The new album also showcases a somewhat more aggressive rhythm section than SAGA usually delivers and this is a very welcomed ingredient thrown in this polished production. From the moment the groove laden "Let It Slide" comes on the band have your undivided attention. There are little hints and subtle innuendos along with very obvious homages paid to past compositions and it is all very well done. As is evident on tracks like, "It Doesn't Matter Who You Are", "Go With The Flow", "Don't Forget To Breathe" and "No Two Sides". All the songs are excellent, well crafted, well executed, and expertly produced. No filler here at all. They are quite strong and confident, very energetic and creative. In a career spanning more than 40 years the band has sold enough albums to maintain a world-wide presence but without the name recognition enjoyed by Rush. It's a mystery to me why they aren't better known or more widely appreciated, especially here in America. In my opinion they are one of the best rock groups in the world. 'Sagacity' can stand alongside the band's best work. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine


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